Grand Strategy

While reading the article Grand Strategy, Strategy, and Tactics in Public Relations, by Carl Botan for class, it occurred to me that as an aspiring PR professional I should evaluate my own “grand strategy.” Botan defines grand strategy as the policy level decisions an organization makes about goals, alignments, ethics, and a relationship with publics and other forces in its environment. Here, the organization is me! A post I recently came across by Gini Dietrich stated that “we tend to attract like-minded people. In our personal lives, at work, and through social media. We read, and comment on, blogs and articles we agree with and whose writers we like. We join groups where there are others who think like us so we feel like we belong.” Although, the challenge in this post is to go out of your comfort zone and find someone you disagree with in order to open up our mind and learn, a good start for finding my own “grand strategy” would be to evaluate who I follow on twitter, what articles I’m drawn to and what my conversations consist of when I talk to co-workers and friends.

Now that I’ve been working on the organization that is me, Christina Hartel, I definitely see trends of posts and things I like vs. articles and even people I don’t care about so much. At the end of the day, it’s about content. If someone I follow has something interesting to say, or always posts good links and articles I like them. I click on their link. Others, who I once upon a time(3 weeks ago) enjoyed following, don’t really have much to say. Sure, sometimes we all want to share with the world that we’ve just had the best ice cream ever, but where I’m going, those things don’t really matter anymore. It’s part of growing up I guess.

One Response to “Grand Strategy”
  1. I LOVE this grand strategy! Find people on Twitter who make you think, “Wow. I don’t agree with that.” And follow them. Find out what makes them tick. Start a conversation. Love it!

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