Dramatic enactments and singing for my family was part of growing up.  I have always had a “thing” for entertainment. So what better field to get into than Public Relations? Following high school, I attended a Community College, but decided to take a break to pursue a career in my father’s restaurant business. After nearly a four-year school hiatus, I realized my passion was still working with the public, but not in the way of spinning pizzas or slinging drinks anymore. The book “Skinny Bitch” changed my life. It made me more conscious about food helped me shed a few pounds, reduce my carbon footprint, and even evaluate my career choices! There is great value in learning how food affects and heals our bodies, just like there is tremendous value in researching and finding out as much as we can about most things in life. Working out is awesome too. Zumba Fitness is my favorite, because it’s more like a party and takes the work out of working out. Of course yoga and Pilates can’t be left off the list, since those practices help calm even the most hectic day.

Currently, I am at Monmouth University majoring in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations, expected to graduate in May 2012. I also hold an Associate of the Arts in Liberal Arts degree from Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ.

For now, I am still working with my beloved publics, the retirees that visit my father’s restaurant on a daily basis, aka “ the regulars.”


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