Who should you be following?

Three companies that use Twitter with “great strategy” Advertisements

Social Media is dead?

Last night I saw an article on Popeater stating that James Franco declared “Social Media is dead.” What??? According to the article he tried out Twitter, thinking he could say whatever was on his mind. The turning point came when companies he works with contacted him about the content of his tweets. Newsflash! When you’re … Continue reading


flickr user: techweet Klout is really cool! It is a measuring tool of your overall influence online. Right now I believe they are only measuring Twitter, but watched a YouTube video where the CEO said they will also be incorporating Facebook interests as well to basically let you know according to interests who to follow … Continue reading

Ken’s makeover gets Barbie back

Barbie clearly is a legend. Around since 1959, girls have been dressing her up and combing her hair for generations. In a recent, amazing, PR campaign, toy maker Mattel was “bolstering” awareness of Barbie’s longtime beau, Ken. His 50th Birthday was on March 11, 2011. Although he sort of made a comeback in Toy Story … Continue reading

How social media helps in times of a crisis

Disaster in the Pacific March 11, 2011 With everything going on in Japan, the devastation, and the heartbreaking images, it is good to know that social media is making a difference and helping people get in touch. The number one priority after a natural disaster for families is finding out whether their loved ones are … Continue reading

Social Media in the Classroom

Here’s my first Vlog!

Oscar Buzz

With the Academy Awards only a day away, people are really putting their money where their predictions are. According to Popeater the Oscars are the most gambled upon non-sporting event in the U.S. after the presidential election. Social Media Monitoring Firm Meltwater is once again trying to nail the winners, even though none of their … Continue reading


During the Superbowl I noticed this #brandbowl thing going on Twitter. Interesting stuff! Three companies partnered to put this on, Mullen, an advertising company; Radian6 which does social-media monitoring; and The Boston Globe. Where in the past advertisers had to wait to see what kind of ratings their multi-million dollar commercials received, now it’s instant … Continue reading

Grand Strategy

While reading the article Grand Strategy, Strategy, and Tactics in Public Relations, by Carl Botan for class, it occurred to me that as an aspiring PR professional I should evaluate my own “grand strategy.” Botan defines grand strategy as the policy level decisions an organization makes about goals, alignments, ethics, and a relationship with publics … Continue reading