During the Superbowl I noticed this #brandbowl thing going on Twitter. Interesting stuff! Three companies partnered to put this on, Mullen, an advertising company; Radian6 which does social-media monitoring; and The Boston Globe. Where in the past advertisers had to wait to see what kind of ratings their multi-million dollar commercials received, now it’s instant with social-media platforms, like Twitter. This is definitely a new way of applying a social-media platform. Twitter provides instant feedback of the publics reaction to the brand advertised. In turn, the media can report on which commercials were well-liked, or not and actually have some statistical information more or less instantly. While in the article they state that these survey’s are just a popularity contest, I feel that this sort of information and feedback from the public is invaluable. Isn’t popularity what Public Relations professionals are striving for? It’s a new way of research!

Speaking of a popularity contest, isn’t that what public relations strives for? According to Edward Boches , CIO at Mullen, Brandbowl participation was up by 300 percent over last year. Social Media is constantly evolving. There are more Twitter users now in 2011, than there were in 2010, so naturally just as Twitter is growing, so will Brandbowl. That does not necessarily mean success is guaranteed, but it certainly helps. Being the number two or three trending topic for a good part of the night is a great achievement. Not only because it means that a lot of people are talking about the topic, but also because it attracts even more people to “join the conversation” or at least click on the hashtag to see what it’s all about.

With all this success, also comes the responsibility of changing to meet the needs of the users you are trying to attract.  This year, the Brandbowl team added features like the ability to reply or re-tweet directly from the site and a mobile site, among other things, to make sure that the site was up-to-date and not the same as last year. Social Media requires constant updates. Although we have another year to see what Brandbowl 2012 will look like, I’m sure it is way beyond anything we can expect.


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