flickr user: techweet Klout is really cool! It is a measuring tool of your overall influence online. Right now I believe they are only measuring Twitter, but watched a YouTube video where the CEO said they will also be incorporating Facebook interests as well to basically let you know according to interests who to follow … Continue reading

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! How do your friends wish you a happy birthday? Years ago, greeting cards would arrive in the mail. Traditional mail that is. Some friends would call, some would write. Wishes only came from close friends and relatives. Now, more so than ever, many people are wishing me a happy birthday, on Facebook! Family … Continue reading

Are we conscious?

Being a college student, studying communications has really made me more aware and “conscious” of many things. Product placement, agendas, news, advertising, marketing, media literacy, and the list continues. I recently came across an article and video about Honest Tea’s Social Experiment and it was really refreshing to see that for the most part, Americans … Continue reading