Social Media is dead?

Last night I saw an article on Popeater stating that James Franco declared “Social Media is dead.” What??? According to the article he tried out Twitter, thinking he could say whatever was on his mind. The turning point came when companies he works with contacted him about the content of his tweets. Newsflash! When you’re a celebrity, you automatically gain a multitude of followers on sites like Twitter, of course you need to be mindful of the things you put out there! He is quoted saying, “This is my Twitter. I can do whatever I want.” He began using Twitter before the Oscars, which he co-hosted. Whether his decision to make his account private was the right one, I cannot say, but what I do feel like saying is that celebrities sometimes underestimate the effect they have on their fans. It is important that they use platforms like Twitter for example not only for promotion, but also causes. There is no reason why a celeb should feel overexposed when they have a Twitter, because ultimately the content of it is up to them. Of course there are always many people to please, but I doubt that this is the reason why James Franco quit Twitter. Being a writer, maybe he just feels like 140 characters aren’t enough to express himself? Social media is definitely not dead. Social media has changed so many things and is a game-changer when it comes to marketing, public relations and many other fields now. Anything can be good, bad or ugly, it all has to do with how much or little one puts into it. Personally, social media has connected me to many people I would otherwise have never heard of. Twitter users accounts increased 250% between 2010 and 2011, so don’t believe what you hear boys and girls!


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