Klout logo, Capital letter K
flickr user: techweet

Klout is really cool! It is a measuring tool of your overall influence online. Right now I believe they are only measuring Twitter, but watched a YouTube video where the CEO said they will also be incorporating Facebook interests as well to basically let you know according to interests who to follow on Twitter. Sort of like a search engine. This is a really great tool for people who are influencers and great news because if you are one of them, you might be able to get freebies for it soon. The CEO Joe Fernandez mentioned that if someone is a great influencer, companies might seek them out to give them products, in order to “influence” their followers. Hey, over here! I like coffee! Starbucks? Should I start tweeting about coffee a lot? All kidding aside, this is a great tool for many of us, especially those involved in niche markets. There are endless possibilities with this and Klout seems to be in gaining momentum pretty quickly. By simply entering your Twitter username you get a score of your overall online influence. The true reach, according to Klout.com is the size of your engaged audience and is based on the followers and friends who actively listen and react to your messages. I also came across this very helpful blog post  all about how to increase your score! I especially like #4 “Find something that’s trending and then re-amplify it.” As my Professor said in class, “ride the wave” of the trending topics! It is super exciting to see your Klout score go up and know that you are getting closer to your goal of making your presence more robust online. Although, Klout is for Twitter, when you tweet about your latest blog post, that counts, and drives traffic to your blog or wherever else you’re directing your followers.


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