Happy Birthday!

Woman with cake in black and white with message on left "Happy Birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder."


Happy Birthday!

How do your friends wish you a happy birthday? Years ago, greeting cards would arrive in the mail. Traditional mail that is. Some friends would call, some would write. Wishes only came from close friends and relatives. Now, more so than ever, many people are wishing me a happy birthday, on Facebook! Family from overseas that used to call, now use skype for well wishes. Although aware of the fact that social media has changed everything, my birthday really put it in perspective, because this year almost everyone that called last year, or the year before, didn’t call, but rather posted on my wall. Is Facebook making birthday cards and calls obsolete?
So what do we think of this? In a way, I like it. It’s quick, easy, and both parties can still interact. There are those people that we would all rather not get caught up on the phone with, and if they write on your wall, you can chose to reply, or not and the best part is you can do it when it’s convenient for you. Do the people who do call make it more special though? Or do we find them old-fashioned? This is reminding me of the whole chivalry is dead topic in a non-dating way…(totally just a thought)

Many of my close friends didn’t even call me, they text. Of course, the most important people still follow the traditional way of calling or visiting, but the way most wish a Happy Birthday is through some sort of social media or text. A few years ago, I even remember getting emails. Those E-cards were kind of popular for a while, but I haven’t gotten one of those recently. I guess it is all personal preference and at the end of the day, what counts is that someone took the time out of their day, to make your special day a little extra special and I love that!


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