Are we conscious?

bottle of honest tea white peach drink

Flickr user: snowpea&bokchoi

Being a college student, studying communications has really made me more aware and “conscious” of many things. Product placement, agendas, news, advertising, marketing, media literacy, and the list continues. I recently came across an article and video about Honest Tea’s Social Experiment and it was really refreshing to see that for the most part, Americans are “honest.” So what am I even talking about here? Many times, I think a lot of us, and I speak for myself here as well, lose sight of what we are all about. There are so many distractions and things going on in our daily lives that we sort of lose consciousness of what is going on around us. The television is on, the radio is on, there’s chatter in the background and we are just distracted by noise. Everyday noise that we grow accustomed to. So we see some iced tea in the street with a box to put money into, and we struggle with whether or not to just take the drink, or actually do the right thing and pay for it. Being aware of who we are and what we are all about can only benefit us. It isn’t easy to “wake-up” and take a hard look at what we expose ourselves to on a daily basis, but I guarantee that once we do, many things will be put into perspective and there won’t be any wondering whether to throw money in the box when we come up to a shelf of “Honest Tea’s.”

I love this idea that Honest Tea used, giving them 160 press stories, 280 million total impressions, 2.79 million in earned media, and double-digit growth in each market where this experiment was conducted. What better way to market a product than to conduct an experiment to find out how aware the public really is of their actions. Next time you’re watching TV or on Facebook, ask yourself, why?


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