Oscar Buzz

Golden Oscar Statue with black background

Academy Award

With the Academy Awards only a day away, people are really putting their money where their predictions are. According to Popeater the Oscars are the most gambled upon non-sporting event in the U.S. after the presidential election. Social Media Monitoring Firm Meltwater is once again trying to nail the winners, even though none of their picks won two weeks ago at the Grammys. Whereas this sort of social media monitoring made sense for Brandbowl which rated the top Superbowl commercials, the Academy Awards are not chosen by the public. Although many of us might have our opinions about which actor or movie should get the prestigious honor of receiving this coveted award, we, well at least most of us, are not a part of the select few in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that get to actually pick. This perhaps explains why so many like to gamble when it comes to the star-studded ceremony. I wonder if there are bets being wagered about who will walk away with the Best or Worst Dressed Award from E!’s Fashion Police. I’m sure Joan Rivers has her list ready. I love the idea of using social media as a way to measure popularity and reactions about current events, but in the case of actually predicting winners for events where the general public using the social media outlets isn’t voting, it is unlikely to be true. It’s obvious that this is “more art than science” according to John C. Abell who says that heated conversations in social media bubble up all the time for no reason in an Epicenter article.

The Oscars aren’t only creating buzz because of the actual Awards, but also because the event itself is getting more social media friendly. ABC, who is hosting the awards has created the “Oscar Backstage Pass,” an app for viewers to get live footage from the red carpet. There is also an “Oscars” mobile app that, get this, let’s users predict winners in all 24 categories and provides latest breaking news. Google will also be involved with Oscar fans this year in way of their Oscars Search Trends tool and of course Twitter will have #Oscars to follow what people and are saying. Let’s try and remember what drives movies, celebrities and Awards shows… All of us, the audience.  Viewers matter and what better way to get us involved than social media. Happy Oscar weekend!


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